Hot Water Temperature Maintenance

nVent RAYCHEM hot water temperature maintenance systems offer comfort and an intelligent way to supply instant hot water at the tap.

Why install a hot water maintenance system?Hot-Water-Temperature-Maintenance

  • Long, complex pipe networks are energy inefficient
  • Waiting for water from the tap at the desired temperature level can waste lots of valuable drinking water
  • Legionella prevention and decontamination in long and ramified pipe systems are much harder to execute

These are typical issues in buildings including

  • hotels
  • healthcare buildings & hospitals
  • office buildings
  • sport buildings
  • schools
  • prisons
  • apartment blocks

The system consists of RAYCHEM self-regulating cables and the HWAT-ECO control unit:

  • Engineered for direct application on hot water pipes, the RAYCHEM system does not require return pipes, valves or pumps
  • Self-regulating heating cable is positioned on the pipe and compensating for any temperature loss in hot water and maintaining the desired temperature along the pipe
  • Parallel circuit construction of the heating cable allows design and installation flexibility
  • The control unit manages the power consumption of the system in an efficient way to get energy savings

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