Roof & Gutter De-Icing

nVent RAYCHEM snow melting systems maintain water flow in gutters and drain pipes. Why do you need a snow melting system?

  • Melting and refreezing of ice can damage roofs and gutters.
  • Heavy icicles may fall and cause injury.
  • Standing water can leak through interior walls onto furnishings.

Roof-Commercial.jpgRAYCHEM self-regulating snow melting systems thaw snow and ice, providing a path for meltwater to drain safely off the roof, along the gutter and down the drain pipe.

RAYCHEM systems, are suitable and necessary for all types of buildings including residential and commercial, public and historical buildings.

The system can be used for:

  • gutters
  • drain pipes
  • critical roof edges
  • syphonic roof drainage systems on flat roofs.
How does the snow melting system work?
  1. Sensors detect both low temperature and humidity,
  2. The control unit switches the system on.
  3. The self-regulating heating cable will start melting snow and create a flow path in the gutter or on the roof. It then assures the continuous flow of water into the drain and avoids ice or snow build-up or icicle formation.
  4. When the air temperature rises above set-point or moisture is lower than set-point, the system switches off.

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