The nVent RAYCHEM RAYSTAT-EX-03-A is an electronic line-sensing thermostat which provides accurate control for all electric heat trace cable types. The enclosure, electronics, and sensor are approved for use in Division 2 and Zone 1 hazardous locations. The thermostat can be supplied at voltages of either 100-277 Vac 50/60 Hz, and has a double-pole switch rated at 16 A. The switch can be configured to provide a dry contact. Temperature setting is accurate via digital thumb wheel switches inside the enclosure. The thermostat is supplied with a factory installed 6 ft. (2 m) stainless-steel RTD.

Additional Product Information:

  1. The enclosure is NEMA 4X rated
  2. The unit can be mounted on pipes reaching temperatures of 482°F (250°C) when used in conjunction with the RAYCHEM JBS-SB-25 support bracket.

Industries Served:
Chemical and Pharmaceutical
Food and Beverage
Oil and Gas


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