nVent RAYCHEM XL-Trace Heat Trace System


This RAYCHEM heat trace system provides pipe freeze protection for metal and plastic pipes as well as temperature maintenance of grease disposal and fuel lines. Commercial pipe freeze protection applications for RAYCHEM XL-Trace include cooling towers, parking garages, coolers, freezers and fire sprinkler systems.

Applications for RAYCHEM Heat Trace Systems
For temperature maintenance, the RAYCHEM XL-Trace system maintains greasy waste disposal and fuel lines above the temperature at which the viscosity inhibits fluid flow. Greasy wastrel lines are pipes used for the disposal of waste oils and fats created in the cooking process. Fuel lines are those carrying #2 fuel oil which includes diesel fuel and home heating oil.

Construction of RAYCHEM Heat Trace Systems
The heating element in the RAYCHEM heat trace cable consists of a continuous core of conductive polymer extruded between two copper bus wires. The XL-Trace heating cable regulates its power output in response to pipe temperature changes. This self-regulating technology allows RAYCHEM XL-Trace heating cable to be overlapped or installed on plastic pipes without overheating.

Elements of RAYCHEM Heat Trace Systems
The RAYCHEM XL-Trace system is complemented by a sophisticated line of control options for optimal energy efficiency and may be integrated into the Building Management Systems (BMS) for centralized monitoring of critical systems.

Additional Product Information:

  • The XL-Trace system carries a full 10-year limited warranty

Industries Served:
Building and Construction


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